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8inch (200mm) & 12inch (300mm) Heavy Duty Hand Built Rubber Material Handling Hose with Table E Flanges

A batch of 8inch (200mm) & 12inch (300mm) custom hand built hoses heading out a Western Sydney Quarry Facility. These custom Rubber hoses are specifically built for the Suction and Delivery of Abrasive material in mining applications.

Hose: Mining Application Service Suction & Discharge
ID: 304.8mm & 203.2mm
Length: 6Mt & 7.5Mt
Max WP: 10 Bar
SF: 4 to 1
Tube: 9mm SAR
Cover: Corrugated Abrasion & UV Resistant
Ends: Beaded
Flanges: Hot Dipped Gal Table E

At Fox Global we specialise in Rubber Material Handling Hoses for Mining, Quarries, Dredging and large washeries. Material Handling Hose is often fitted with Aluminium Muff Coupling which are specifically designed for abrasive material applications. The unique design of the muff coupling means they are installed on the outside of the hose. This provide a solution that the abrasive material being conveyed only comes into contact with the hose liner and not the hose couplings.

Rubber Material Handling Hoses are designed and constructed with an Abrasive Inner Tube to provide greater longevity when conveying abrasive materials. Fox Global carry a range off the shelf but also provide custom built hoses tailored to suit you exact site requirements & extreme applications.

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