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2inch RIV Pressure Relief Valves for Liquid Vacuum Tankers

2inch RIV Pressure Relief Valves for Liquid Vacuum Tankers

Designed to limit the pressure occurring within your tanks, the 2” RIV Pressure Relief Valve works as a vital safeguard against the dangerous consequences of exceeding the pressure your system can handle. A type of safety valve, this 2-inch pressure relief valve is the most important safety feature for your vacuum truck – releasing extra pressure to avoid the worst-case-scenario of a tank exploding and hurting or killing someone.

Pressure relief valves are generally positioned on your vacuum pump truck’s primary or secondary tank but can be retrofitted to go between the primary tank and the secondary scrubber. An adjustable pressure relief valve is often paired with a vacuum relief valve, and both can be monitored with a dual vacuum/pressure gauge as seen in Moro’s Pressure/Vacuum Relief Tree. A vacuum relief valve functions similarly to a pressure relief valve but is more concerned with keeping the vacuum pump safe and preventing tank implosion, rather than the larger issue of keeping personnel safe.

RIV relief valves are easily adjustable for routine maintenance and on-the-job pressure modifications.* Changing the pressure is as simple as loosening the lock nut, turning the spring-tightener clockwise to compress the spring (increasing the pressure) and counter-clockwise to release the spring (decreasing pressure), then tightening the lock nut to set. Adjustable safety relief valves are also designed with tamper-proof caps. These caps come with pre-drilled holes in tiny “tongues” with a ring inserted to prevent accidental pressure changes or to deter arbitrary tinkering of safety equipment.

We supply a range of certified safety and relief valves including:

  • Bronze safety and relief valves
  • Stainless steel safety and relief valves
  • Cast steel safety and relief valves

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