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Heavy Duty Rapid Pipe Repair Clamps for Sydney Waste Treatment Facility

Heavy Duty Rapid Pipe Repair Clamps for Sydney Waste Treatment Facility

The Fox Global range of CR pipe repair clamp has been in use for over 30Yrs in many different industries and countries. Rapid CR clamps are a permanent and cost effective pipe repair solution. Available for pipe diameters from 40mm up to 2000mm, with clamp lengths from 150mm to 600mm long.

Stainless steel Type 316. Locks into position for easy tightening of nuts.

Stainless steel Type 316. MIG-welded to receiver bar and fully passivized after welding. Leading edge is rounded to prevent them from catching bolt bars during installation.

Stainless steel Type 316. 2B finish. Fully passivized after welding

Stainless steel Type 316. Thread-rolled for strength and coated to prevent galling. Bolts are MIG-welded to the receiver bar and fully passivized after welding.

Stainless steel Type 316.

Stainless steel Type 316. TIG-welded to shell to form a strong fusion, and fully passivized after welding.

Nitrile rubber is specially formulated for water service, gas and oil. Incorporating antioxidant agents to increase shelf life. All gaskets have a gridded design, tapered ends and vulcanized armor plates for easy installation and optimum sealing efficiency. Natural rubber is available on request.

Stainless steel Type 316. Vulcanized into the gasket at the time of moulding.

The pressure containing capability of a repair clamp is influenced by the pipe type, the pipe surface finish, extent of damage to the pipe,
environment, service conditions and installation workmanship. The amount of pressure that a full circle repair clamp will contain is proportionate to the diameter of the pipe being repaired and the amount of torque applied to the bolts. Smaller diameter repair clamps will contain higher pressure than larger diameter repair clamps. Cleaning and lubricating pipe/gasket, will reduce friction between the pipe surface and sealing gasket, creating a better seal. Use soapy water or pipe lubricate.

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