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SS304 Pipe Couplings for External installation at a Sydney Food Manufacturing Facility

HL Food Grade SS304 Pipe Couplings heading out to a food and beverage manufacturing facility in Western Sydney.

Fox Global is a specialist supplier of pneumatic conveying systems and their components including Pipe Couplings (Also known as Morris Couplings). 

All Fox Global supplied pipe couplings come with Conductivity strip and conductivity ring which wraps around the location where the two pipe ends meet. Installation of the Eurac clamps requires no special preparation to pipe ends other than a clean cut with de-burring.

The Eurac HL & H Series Pipe Couplings are 150mm or 200mm long, 3 or 4 bolt couplings designed for vacuum or pressure conveying systems for heavy concentration particles.

  • Sizing from 38.1mm to 219.1mm in diameter. (Sizing from 1.5″ to 8″ in diameter).
  • Suitable for all pneumatic and vacuum conveying operations.
  • High working pressure.
  • Standard build comes with outside skin in galvanised steel, SS304 Conductivity Strip, Zinc Plated Bolts and White NBR gasket for -20 Deg C to +110 Deg C.
  • Available in Full Stainless Steel 304L.
  • Available with Black SBR Gasket for -30 Deg C to +80 Deg C.
  • Available with Blue Silicon Gasket for -40 Deg C to +180 Deg C.
  • Available with Silicone VMQ gasket for -65 Deg C to +225 Deg C.
  • Available with Viton FPM gasket for -20 Deg C to +250 Deg C.
  • Available with White FDA Food Grade Approved NBR gasket -20 Deg C to +110 Deg C.
  • Available with copper conductivity strip (CU A1).
  • Designed to directly fit all standard sizes of Pipe, Tube, Filquip Borosilicate Glass Pipes and Glass wear bends.
  • Available with side bar clamps as option extra.

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