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3inch Composite 969 ASS Code Hoses for Brisbane Chemical manufacturing facility.

A fresh batch of 3inch (80mm) Chemical Composite Code 969 ASS Hoses heading to a Brisbane Chemical manufacturing facility.

The hoses were wire whipped and fitted with Stainless Steel Male and Female Camlocks, Tagged and Tested.

The Composite Code 969 Chemical Hose is clearly identified by its Orange outer cover and reflective Blue stripe. Constructed from high strength & high density polypropylene films and fabrics with a Stainless Steel internal and external wire. The Code 969 Composite Hose is ideal for the suction and delivery of a wide range of acids, alkalis and solvents. While the Code 969 Hose is extremely lightweight and flexible, it remains a very hard wearing and robust hose making it ideal for chemical suction & delivery in industrial, processing and transport applications.

966 Composite Code Hose Bitumen Solutions

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Code 1000 Composite Code Hose for Oil & Petrochemical applications

969 Composite Code Hoses for Acid & Harsh Chemical Solutions.

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Fox Global offer a complete range of fuel and chemical Composite Code Hoses for larger Melbourne and regional Victorian sectors.

We also offer onsite or offsite testing and certification for your existing Composite Code hoses to Australian Standards.

Our express delivery network covering Australia from Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney & Darwin ensures we can have your Composite Code Hoses delivered to your site on time and ready for immediate installation.

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