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Air Hose Claw Fittings & Couplers Australia

Fox Global offer a wide range of high quality Claw Couplings used for Air, Grout & Water throughout the industrial, construction & mining sectors. Claw Fittings have two locking claws on the connecting face which engage and lock into the opposite half. The Claw Fittings are simply connected with a push and turn motion.

Claw Fittings are available in Zinc-Plated, Brass, Stainless Steel and divided into the following groups.

  • Type A Claw Fittings (42mm Claw Distance)
  • Type B Claw Fittings (41mm Claw Distance)
  • Geka Claw Fittings (40mm Claw Distance)
  • Type S Claw Fittings (45mm Claw Distance)

The Fox Global Claw Fitting product range includes:

  • Claw Couplings with a Hose Tail (from 10 to 32mm)
  • Claw Couplings with Male or Female Thread (BSP or NPT)
  • Claw Coupling Blank Caps
  • Claw Y fittings with Couplings
  • Claw Coupling Locking Pins & Replacement Seals
  • Claw Coupling Clamps

Claw Fittings can be found on most construction sites for the delivery of Air, Water and Grout, connected to a Rubber or PVC Hose. Fox Global carry a complete range of hoses which can be assembled with the Claw Couplings & Clamps to provide a complete hose kit for immediate site use. Claw Fittings are also constructed with a locking ring which the Claw Clamp locks into providing stronger clamping and added safety. Claw Fittings used in high pressure Air & Water applications are generally supplied with Whip Checks, Hose Restraints and Locking Pins for operator safety.

Ask about our Express Shipping to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Mackay, Darwin & Tasmania. Trust Fox Global for all your Industrial Hose, Valve and Fitting requirements.

Call Fox Global today on 1300 852 795 or email today to discuss your Claw Coupling requirements.

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