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Cast Steel Flanged Bellow Seated Globe Valves Australia

2inch (50mm) Flanged PN40 Bellow Seated Globe Valves heading out for installation on a steam line at a pet food production facility in Melbourne.

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Globe valves are primarily found in fluid regulation applications. Their (semi-) spherical form is comprised of two body halves, separated by an internal baffle. Shutting the globe valve is achieved by means of a disk, which screws into the seat of the battle by means of a handwheel or actuation. As opposed to ball valves, the flow of the medium is not direct and in one direction, instead the fluid enters and rises inside of the body of the valve prior to exiting on the other side.

At Fox Global we offer a complete range of valves including Ball Valves, Check Valves, Globe Valves, Strainers, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves and Gauges. All valves are available in a range of material, sizes and actuation options.

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