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3inch (75mm) IPL Blue Oil Marte Suction Hose Assemblies for Sydney Waste Sector

A fresh batch of 3’’ (75mm) Marte Blue Oil Suction Hose with Bandit Clamps Stainless Steel Camlocks, heading out to a Liquid Transport client in Sydney.

The IPL Marte Suction hose provides great flexibility and chemical resistance making it ideal for loading/unloading liquid waste on the transport sector.

Download the Blue IPL Marte PVC Petrol Oil Tanker Suction Hose Datasheet.

We can build hose assemblies to order to suit your application. We also specialise in a complete range of Rubber and Composite Code Hoses solutions suitable for most chemical, fuels and applications. This coupled with our large range of Camlocks, Valves, Hose Clamps, Gauges, Screwed Fittings and Flanges we can provide the complete solution to your needs.

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