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6inch (150mm) Tecofi Ductile Iron Knife Gate Valve With Pneumatic Actuator for Sydney Waste Trucks

6inch (150mm) Tecofi Ductile Iron Knife Gate Valve With Pneumatic Actuator for Sydney Waste Trucks. Knife Gate Valves from Tecofi, a French valve manufacturer specialising in valves for Water Treatment, Biogas and General Industrial Process. 

Download Tecofi Knife Gate Valve Datasheet

The knife gate valve is particularly suitable for the most difficult applications.

Area of use: water treatment networks, pulp and paper industry, chemical plants, winemaking, cement works, pneumatic transport, storage.

Fluids: water, sewage, pulp, pasty products, powdery, granular, fibrous, abrasive and crystallizing.


  • Range: from DN50 to DN1200.
  • Knife Gate Valve on/off or regulation with rising stem.
  • Molded monobloc body
  • Unidirectional water tightness: Flow direction indicated on the body with an arrow.
  • Installation between flanges ISO PN10.
  • Small retention zone.
  • Gate with a beveled cutting edge guided in the body with little backlash.
  • Guaranteed closure, without risk of blockage.
  • Standard polished gate, soft contact with the gaskets.
  • Very resistant ductile iron packing flange avoids risks of breaks.
  • Operating force reduced thanks to the elasticity of the gaskets.
  • Pre-formed profiled sheet metal support plates from DN50 to DN300 for accessory or kit mounting.
  • Full flow when fully opened, ensuring a high flow rate with low head loss.
  • Flow regulation possible for pasty or abrasive fluids with installation of a deflector.

Our range of Knife Gate Valves is available in sizes up to 24 inch (600mm) in both pneumatic and manual operation.

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