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Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves for a Waste Slurry Processing facility in Sydney.

Knife Gate Valves are a common selection for many applications in larger sized pipework (50mm up). Knife gate valves were originally designed for the pulp & paper industry. Stringy pulp would impinge between the wedge and seat of a normal gate valve and prevent flow shut-off. The knife gate valve was designed with a sharp edge to cut through the pulp and seal. Due to this design, the knife gate has found a home in the control of effluent, slurries, waste products, semi solids, pulp, bulk powders. Most knife gate valves are designed for single flow direction.

We offer a full range of manual and actuated stainless steel knife gate valves from 50mm up to 600mm. All sizes are available in the option of metal seated or NBR resilient seated.

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