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3inch (75mm) Bray 940 Series Unidirectional Knife Gate Valves for Melbourne Food & Beverage Production

3inch (75mm) Bray 940 Series Unidirectional Knife Gate Valves with Table E Flanges heading out to a Waste Water Treatment Project at a Food Production Facility in Melbourne.

Download Bray Series 940 Unidirectional Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves Datasheet.

– Bray Series 940 Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve or approved equal.


  • Shall be single-piece, fully lugged, MSS SP-81 face-to-face.
  • Standard multi-layer square packing provides exceptional gland sealing. Optional energized quad seal packing for enhanced gland sealing.
  • Suitable for all mounting orientations including dead-end service.
  • Shall include topworks designed for easy, quick conversion between manual and pneumatic actuation


  • Integral metal seat or optional resilient, zero-leakage seat.


  • Gate design ensures consistent alignment throughout the length of the stroke.


  • Clevis design and horizontal bolting stabilizes gate ensuring proper alignment.

316 Stainless Steel lugged knife gate valve with 316 stainless steel body and gate. Operated by a double acting pneumatic actuator and suitable for up to 10 BAR media pressure. Great for slurries, effluent and sewerage treatment plants. Unique design allows for a long life and low maintenance once installed.

Our range of Knife Gate Valves is available in sizes up to 24 inch (600mm) in both pneumatic and manual operation.

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