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Tsurumi Pumps for Sydney Tunnelling Site Dewatering

The Tsurumi KTZ-series is a submersible three-phase cast iron high head heavy-duty drainage pump. The cast iron body with high-chromium cast iron impeller enables it to withstand demanding conditions found in construction, aggregate and mining applications.

The top discharge, side flow design assures efficient motor cooling even when it operates with its motor exposed to air. The slim design allows the pump to be placed in a confined space. The discharge direction is selectable between vertical and inclined.

-Submersible high head drainage pump for construction and foundation works, floodwater drainage, Stormwater, groundwater, wash water, and sand-carrying water.

-Discharge bore: 80mm
-Motor: 2.2kw, 3phase, 415v, 50hz, 2pole, DOL, Class F, IP68, Continuous-duty Rated, Dry-type Induction Motor
-Cable: 8m PVC
-Impeller: Semi-open Impeller made of high-chromium cast iron
-Solids Passage: 8.5mm
-Cable Entry with Anti-Wicking Block: Watertight cable entry with strain-relief device
-Shaft: 420 stainless steel
-Shaft Seal (Mechanical Seal): SiC + SiC
-Oil Seal: (Lip Seal) Used as a “Dust Seal”, it protects the mechanical seal from abrasive particles
-Oil lifter: Equipped in oil chamber. It forcibly supplies lubricating oil to the mechanical seal and continues to supply the oil
to the upper seal faces even if lubricant falls below the rated volume
-Motor Protection Device
-Auto operation, including ‘E’ auto electrode – An innovative electrode type relay unit built into the pump automatically
starts and stops the pump to eliminate dry-running. This mechanism greatly reduces power consumption and extends
operating life
-Excluding: extension Electrode

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