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Replacement Aviation Refuelling Composite Hose Assemblies with Spiral Hose Guard for Australian Defence

Fox Global we recently engaged to supply replacement hoses for Aviation Refuelling Hoses for Australian Defence. The hoses were fitted with existing Avery Hardoll Couplings and new Spiral Hose Guard.

Fox Global supplies and manufactures a complete range of composite hoses and assemblies to suit your site requirements.

  • We are proud to offer our specialized service to every industry from chemical and petrochemical through to the aviation industry where reliability and service is the key.
  • All hoses are constructed to the highest possible standards, offering strength, flexibility and light weight.
  • All hoses have a 4:1 Safety Factor
  • Hoses assemblies are available with Camlocks, Flanges, Storz Fittings or BSP Fittings. Our inhouse engineers can also custom build hose fittings for every application.
  • Due to the construction of the composite hose and the dangerous chemicals used it is important that all hoses and fittings are supplied as a complete assembly.
  • Hoses can be rope lagged for protection, but this must be specified at the time of ordering.
  • Composite hoses are not suitable for all chemicals. Please contact us for a chemical resistance chart.
  • Oil industry fittings are also available. These coupling require a positive connection for both the inside and outside wires to the outside of the coupling.
  • Composite hoses must be inspected before every use and tagged and tested every six months to comply with Australian Standards. All hoses are manufactured to Australian standards and are Tagged and Tested.

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