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4 inch (100mm) Yellow & Black Tiger Tail Suction Hose for Hydro Excavation – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne.

4inch (100mm) TigerTail Hose heading to a Sydney Civil Construction company for use on with there Vacuum Excavation Units.

The TigerTail Hose is an extremely flexible suction/discharge hose with a hard wearing exposed ridged PVC spiral. Excellent chemical resistance, making the hose suitable for diesel fuels, petrol, oils, sewage and chemicals.

Designed for the collection of waste on environmental waste trucks, hydro excavation, pumping the contents of grease, oils, sewage collection, pumping of fuels, lubricants and most chemicals.

We can assemble the Tigertail hose with your choice of Camlock, Travis or Bauer fittings saving you time and money! Call us today to discuss you needs on 1300 852 795 or email

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