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5 inch HD Hydrovac Hose with Travis Fittings – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne.

5″ Artrac Vacuum Hose heading out with Travis Fittings for an industrial services project in QLD

Application: The Artrac® hose is used for a variety of abrasive, materialhandling applications to transfer sand, gravel, cement, fly ash, glass, metals, plastic pellets, fertilizers, rock salts and slurries.

Temperature Range: -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)

Tube: Thermoplastic alloyed blend of polyurethane and PVC (static dissipating/static conductive).

Cover: Thermoplastic alloyed blend of nitrile, polyurethane and PVC (non-conductive) (Available with conductive cover, see order code below.)

Reinforcement: Rigid high-density PVC helix.

Travis Fittings are predominantly used in the Vacuum Excavation industry for the low profile design and when a heavy duty vacuum connection is required. The advantage of the Travis Fitting over Camlock & Bauer Fittings is the minimal internal reduction they have when coupled together – reducing blockages. The unique design of the gasket also allows the Travis Fittings to form a great seal in the wet & muddy environments of Hydro Excavation. The two part gasket system also ensures O-rings and seals cannot but sucked in under high vacuum.

Travis Fittings are generally sold in sets with a male & female coupling, male & female gaskets and a snap clamp to suit, individual fittings are also available. Reducers, Caps, Adapters & Y-Pieces are also stocked.

We offer overnight delivery on all Travis Fittings to Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne

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  • Travis Male Hose Coupling
  • Travis Female Hose Coupling
  • Travis Cap Blanking Plug
  • Travis Clamp
  • Travis Male to Female Reducer
  • Travis Steelies or Travis Tubes
  • Travis Hose Coupling Assembly
  • Travis NBR Seal for Female Coupling
  • Travis NBR Seal for Male Coupling

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