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Custom Pressure Gauge Solutions for Sydney Tunnelling Works

Fox Global offers quality built pressure gauge, thermometer, and calibration for all markets that require pressure and temperature instruments.

Another batch of 4 inch (100mm) Face 0-2Bar Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges with 6-Bolt Diaphragm Seal set up for reading pressure on grout lines for ground anchor installation on Sydney Tunnelling works.

Process Media

The first step of this pressure gauge selection guide is to identify the process media. The process media that the pressure gauge will be subjected to is critical in the primary selection of a pressure gauge. The two most widely used pressure gauges have either a brass connection with an internal phosphor bronze bourdon tube or a 316 stainless steel connection and internal bourdon tube. Consulting a chemical compatibility chart will assist in initial pressure gauge selection. Diaphragm seals, are connected to pressure gauge, and are available for use in all industries including food and beverage, petroleum, chemical, paper and pulp, corrosive and non-corrosive applications where the process media may contain solid particles which would inhibit the life of a bourdon tube pressure gauge. Kindly note that pressure gauges for use on gases such as Oxygen, Acetylene, etc are of special construction, consult your Floyd Australia for technical advice.

Process Pressure

Another major factor in this pressure gauge selection guide is the process pressure. The range of the pressure gauge should be twice the system operating pressure. If the system pressure is nominally 800 kPa, then a 1600 kPa pressure gauge is recommended. If fluctuating pressures are present, the gauge should be liquid filled to reduce the stress on the internal bourdon tube and extend the life of the gauge.


The reason why the environment is critical in pressure gauge selection is, that if the pressure gauge is subjected to a harsh environment where corrosive or dust materials may enter the gauge then a hermetically sealed and/or liquid filled should be requested. In addition, if the pressure gauge is subjected to excessive heat then remote mounting is highly recommended. This is why the Environment is a key factor in this pressure gauge selection.


Pressure gauge accuracy is expressed as a percentage of the full-scale deflection (FSD). If the gauge has a stated accuracy of +/- 1% FSD and the gauge has a span of 4000 kPa, then the inaccuracy of the gauge could be +/- 40 kPa over the entire range. Pressure gauge accuracies may vary from +/- 3% to 0.25% of FSD. Critical to non-critical accuracy requirements will determine the proper selection of your pressure gauge. Calibration certificates indicating pressure gauge inaccuracies over the span are available on request. In an environment such as manufacturing facilities and industrial plants, accuracy must be considered and used in pressure gauge selection guides

Fox Global are a pressure gauge specialist. This includes everything from light and heavy-duty gauges, general purpose gauges, special application gauges, and test gauges, and are available in multiple accuracy levels, including various wetted parts, can be dry or liquid filled, bottom or rear mounted with and without flanges, and much more.

We also offer a complete range of custom dial gauges, pressure readings, vacuum gauges & diaphragm seals solutions. Call us today on 1300 852 795 or email

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