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Worcester 5 Series BS 5351 Approved Flanged Ball Valve with Norbro Actuation for Asphalt Processing Plants

2inch Worcester Ball Valve set up heading out for installation on a Gas Burner at a Asphalt processing facility in Victoria.

2inch (50mm) Worcester Series ’51’, One-Piece, Reduced Bore Ball Valve, Firesafe Design, Stainless Steel Body, Ball and Stem,
P.T.F.E. Seats and Seals, End Connections Flanged and Drilled ANSI 150 R/F.

Valve fitted with a Size 20 Spring Return Norbro Pneumatic Actuator, 40R Series, Gold Body/Black Endcaps Anodised, Standard Temperature (-20°C to 100°C), Namur Inlet Endcap Tappings, J Switch Endcap Tappings, Standard Female Pinion with Namur Slot. Namur VDI/VDE 3845 ISO 5211.

Norbro ‘J’ Switch to suit Size 20 Norbro ’40R’ Actuator, M20 x 1.5p Cable Entry, SPDT Silver Contact, Otehall 382/25/10G ZDSO. Supplied Fully Assembled & Tested, Air Fail Close.


At Fox Global we specialise in electric actuated valves solutions from harsh chemical applications to food & beverage processing. We can also offer actuated valve solutions in Electric or Hydraulic operation.

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