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100mm Pressure Gauges & Diaphragm seals for Grout Injection Lines on Sydney Tunnel Construction Works

Another batch of 4 inch (100mm) Face 0-2500kpa Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges with 6-Bolt Diaphragm Seal set up for reading pressure on grout lines for ground anchor installation on Sydney Tunnelling works.

100mm Direct Mount 
0-2500 kPa – Single Scale
3/8BSPP Bottom Connection
304SS Casing with 316SS Connection
Glycerine Filled Fitted to St/St
6Bolt Diaphragm
3/4BSPT Process Connection

Diaphragm seals (also known as chemical seals) are used for media isolation which enables the gauge media to be isolated from the line media but still give an accurate pressure reading. A flexible thin membrane within the diaphragm seal flexes with pressure fluctuation which is transmitted to the gauge. This allows the use of pressure gauges in corrosive, high temperatures, contaminated or media with high viscosities.

At Fox Global we offer a complete range of Pressure Gauges with a bottom entry or rear entry mount and have a pressure range of up to 400 bar. Pressure Gauges are supplied with a stainless steel case and are glycerine filled allowing for more enhanced performance and durability.

We also offer a complete range of custom dial gauges, pressure readings, vacuum gauges & diaphragm seals solutions. Call us today on 1300 852 795 or email

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