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Newman – Milliken Lubricated Plug Valves for NSW Bitumen Production Facility

A batch of Flanged Newman – Milliken Cast Iron Lubricated Plug Valves for a bitumen manufacturing facility in NSW.

Fox Global specialise in a complete range of Sleeved & Lubricated Plug Valves to suit applications from Heavy Slurries to Bitumen manufacturing and transport.

Datasheet – Newman – Milliken Cast Iron Lubricated Plug Valves.

Plug Valves are predominantly useful for difficult and dirty or abrasive service conditions for oil, gas and slurries as well as for high temperature applications. They feature cylindrical or conical “plugs” with one or more hollow passageways. Rotating these plugs inside the valve body allows the operator to control the flow of the medium through the valve.

Our range includes the following Plug Valves

  • Flanged Two Way Plug Valves
  • Fire Safe Plug Valves
  • Chemical Seal Flanged Two Way Plug Valves
  • Multi Way Plug Valves (Four Way and Five Way Plug Valves)
  • Heated Jacket Plug Valves
  • Screwed BSP & NPT Plug Valves
  • Manometer Plug Valves

We can also provide Plug Valves with PTFE Sleeves. The PTFE sleeve encloses the entire plug. There is no contact surface so the medium cannot cause damage. PTFE has a self-lubricating effect and therefore requires no maintenance.

Call us today on 1300 852 795 to discuss your Plug Valves requirements.

Did you know we also offer Jacketed Valves solution for Bitumen, Chemical & Food and Beverage applications.

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