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1/2 inch BSP Stainless Steel Pressure Reducing Valves Mid Western NSW Chemical Processing Facility

1/2″ (12mm) Elite Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valves, 316 Stainless Steel, Viton Seal set and certified to 100kpa for a Diesel delivery line on a chemical plant in Western NSW.

Datasheet – Stainless Steel Direct Activated Pressure Reducing Valves Threaded and Flanged

Elite model REF is a 316ss self acting pressure reducing valve suitable for fluids, air and steam.

  • It is available in ½” → 6” (Cv’s from 2.4-250)and the main materials are 316ss with NBR or Viton diaphragm and seals. Valve has flanged ends which can be drilled to suit Ansi 150# or AS Table D/E.
  • Maximum inlet pressure-2500 kpa (362 psi)
  • Maximum temp- 100°C or 180°C for steam
  • Reduced pressure ranges – 100-600 kpa; 400-1,000 kpa; 800-1300 kpa

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