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6 inch (150mm) Brass Quick Acting Slide Knife Gate Valves with BSP Thread for Brisbane Truck Builder.

A bulk order of 6inch (150mm) BSP Quick Acting Brass Slide Knife Gate Valves for a Brisbane Vacuum Truck builder.

Ball Valves Blocking & Jamming? The RIV Quick Acting Brass Gate Valves could be the answer you are looking for.

These robust RIV Valves are perfectly suited to the hydro-excavation, drilling & liquid waste industries providing single action lever operation & knife style action . The valve has a dual gate system which provides excellent ability to close & seal with high viscosity liquids & when foreign objects maybe present. This design eliminates drilling mud & other high viscosity products building up in a cavity of a ball style valve minimising consistent jamming & seal wear.

The popular Italian Made RIV Brass Knife Gate Valves are available in 4 inch and 6 inch with BSP, NPT Threaded options and also available with the Agri Square Flange connection upon request.

These lever operated valves are a simple and easy to clean valve making them ideal for hydro-excavation, mud & slurry applications. Call us today on 1300 852 795 to discuss your needs.

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