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Camlock Fittings Steelies & Camlock Vacuum Tubes

A couple of 4inch Vacuum Steelies fitted with Stainless Steel Camlocks heading out to clients in the Hydro Excavation sector. The 88mm Vacuum Tube construction also reduces hose blockages reducing downtime.

At Fox Global we manufacture a range of custom steelies or vacuum tubes for the Hydro Excavation & Drain Cleaning Sectors. In sizes from 3” to 8″ we can manufacture lengths to suit storage on most trucks. The stainless steel tubes provide a higher wear resistance providing greater longevity and down time.

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  • Travis Male Hose Coupling
  • Travis Female Hose Coupling
  • Travis Cap Blanking Plug
  • Travis Clamp
  • Travis Male to Female Reducer
  • Travis Steelies or Travis Tubes
  • Travis Hose Coupling Assembly
  • Travis NBR Seal for Female Coupling
  • Travis NBR Seal for Male Coupling

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