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Hose Protection Beads or Hose Glide Rings – Increasing Hose Life

Hose protection beads consist of two yellow halves which are bolted together along the length of a hose. The hard nylon bead allows the hose to glide easily across the floor without catching and protecting the hose outer cover from damage.

Glide rings hold hoses off the floor preventing damming, build-up of wash-down liquids behind the hose. Hose can be dragged around the floor almost like being on skates.

Features & Benefits

  • Increases the life of your refuelling, petrochemical, chemical or general purpose hoses.
  • The Bead provides lower resistance when hauling the hose out or back and prolongs the life of the fuelling hose.
  • Acts as a marker at night.
  • Minimises wear and abrasion of the hose cover
  • The 2-piece yellow plastic beads bolts together around the hose. 
  • The recommended position of the first Bead should be approximately 1.5m from the Hose End Nozzle and spacing thereafter at 1m along the Hose.
  • Highly break resistant 
  • Can be easily installed for use on hose reels.

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