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300mm Galvanised Flanged Foot Valves for NSW Mine Site Dewatering

A couple of 300mm Galvanised Flanged Foot Valves heading to a mine site in the Hunter Valley NSW.

Our range of galvanised foot valves are designed to offer years of trouble free service with their heavy duty construction. 

The foot valves are used to prevent reverse flow and to maintain prime within the pump when fitted to the foot or end of the suction hose of the pump set.  

The main components of the foot valve consist of body, flap, seat and strainer.  The swing flap pivots freely on the hinge blocks.  Its movement is restricted with stops preventing damage to the inside walls of the valve.  

A durable EPDM seal is fitted to the flap for reliable service and the flap assembly is of a self levelling design to allow for wear within the seal.  A quick release lever is fitted to the valve and can be remotely activated by a cable to release the water within the valve.  

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