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Flange Gaskets are used to create a seal between two flanges on pipework or hose connections. Gaskets are constructed from a softer or more flexible material than the flange to allow the flanges to compress the Gasket. This compression then creates a complete seal around the two adjoining faces of the flange to provide a leak free connection.

While Flanges generally have a machined face, which have little or no variance the softer gasket material allows the two flanges to bond evenly, filling any imperfections & creating a perfect seal. This highlights the importance of following standard flange connection & tightening practices to ensure even compression is applied equally around the flange face.

Flange Gaskets are available in Full Face Gaskets, Ring Gaskets, Spiral Wound Gaskets and Corrugated Metal Gaskets.

Full Face Gaskets are cut to size and flange pattern to accommodate different Flange PCD’s, Bolt Size and Flange Dimensions. The Full-Face Gasket is available in a range of materials to suit the media being conveyed, working pressure & temperature.

Ring Gaskets are a simple ring that sits on the inside the bolts of the sealing face. These are generally used in Petrochemical, Ship to Shore, Chemical and Offshore application where higher working pressures are required.

Spiral Wound Gaskets are widely used in petrochemical and power generation sectors. Spiral Wound Gaskets are constructed from stainless steel inner & outer rings, a centre filled with spirally wound stainless steel tape wound together with PTFE & graphite formed in a V shape. Under pressure the V-Shape creates a seal with the two flanges faces.

 Fox Global specialise in a complete range of different Gasket Materials to suit Potable Water, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Steam, Food & Beverage applications. We were recently awarded the supply package of Potable Water Gaskets of the Promac Pipeline Project for Sydney Water.

Our Metal Detectable, X-Rayable and Magnectic Range of sheet material is commonly used for Flange Gaskets in the Pharmcutical and Food Manufacturing sectors.

We can custom cut and manufacture Gaskets to suit ANSI, DIN, AS4087, Table Flanges, call us today on 1300 852 795 to discuss your Gasket requirements.

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