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Camlock Fittings – Fast Delivery Australia Wide

Fox Global specialise in a comprehensive range of Camlock fittings. The Fox Global range of Camlock Couplings are available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Nyglass, Polypropylene and Brass.

Camlocks are also known as Cam Fittings or Cam and Groove Fittings. Our camlock range is manufactured to interchange with all Camlocks produced to Mil Spec A-A 59326.

Camlock Fittings are often used where a quick and easy connect and disconnect is required. With the simple closing of the two camlock arms on the female coupling the cam is activated locking into the male groove.

The camlock fitting range is becoming more popular as time moves on due to its simple and effective sealing method compact design and quick connection.

Aluminium Camlocks are manufactured using the Die-Casting method. The Aluminium Camlock range is the most common, economical and commonly used in general industrial applications, hydro excavation, irrigation, dewatering and some liquid waste applications.

Polypropylene Camlocks are Black in colour they are extensively used throughout the Agricultural, Irrigation and Chemical industries.

Nyglass Camlocks are Black in colour they are extensively used throughout the Agricultural, Crop Spraying and Chemical sectors.

316 Stainless Steel Camlocks are a Sand Cast Construction and fully weldable suitable for Petrochemicals, Acids, Alkalies, Liquid Waste, Food, Beverage and Marine applications.

Brass Camlocks are commonly used in Suction and Delivery application in Underground Mining and Marine Applications.

Camlock Styles

Type A                  Male Adaptor with a Female Thread

Type B                   Female Coupler with a Male Thread

Type C                   Female Coupler with a Hose Tail

Type D                   Female Coupler with a Female Thread

Type E                   Male Adapter with a Hose Tail

Type F                    Male Adapter with a Male Thread

Type DC                Dust Cap

Type DP                Dust Plug

Camlock Sizes

Imperial               Metric

½”                           12mm

¾”                           19mm

1”                            25mm

1 ¼”                       32mm

1 ½”                       38mm

2”                            50mm

2 ½”                       65mm

3”                           75mm

4”                            100mm

5”                            125mm

6”                            150mm

8”                            200mm

Camlock Working Pressures
SizeAluminumStainless SteelBrassPolypropyleneNyglass
1/2″ (12mm)150psi150psi150psi125psi125psi
3/4″ (19mm)250psi250psi250psi125psi125psi
1″ (25mm)250psi250psi250psi125psi125psi
1 1/4″ (32mm)250psi250psi250psi125psi125psi
1 1/2″ (38mm)250psi250psi250psi125psi125psi
2″ (50mm)250psi250psi250psi125psi125psi
2 1/2″ (65mm)150psi150psi150psi100psi100psi
3″ (75mm)125psi125psi125psi75psi75psi
4″ (100mm)100psi100psi100psi75psi75psi
5″ (125mm)75psi75psi75psiN/AN/A
6″ (150mm)75psi75psi75psiN/AN/A

Camlocks are available with BSP Threads, NPT Threaded Camlocks are available upon request. We also carry a complete range of adaptors, replacement gaskets, arms and pins.

Call us today on 1300 852 795 or email to dicuss your camlock requriements today.

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